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The problem

In California, a girl under age 18 can’t get a tan at a tanning salon, a cavity filled, or an aspirin dispensed by the school nurse without a parent knowing. But a doctor can perform a surgical or chemical abortion on a young girl without informing a parent.

The answer

Proposition 4 will require a doctor to notify at least one adult family member before performing an abortion on an under-18-year-old girl.


Medical professionals know that a young person is safer when a parent or family member is informed of her medical situation. Someone who knows the girl and cares about her future can help her understand all her options, obtain competent care, and work through the problems that led her into the situation to begin with.

On a daily basis, older men exploit young girls and use secret abortions to cover up their crimes. More than thirty states currently have parental/family involvement laws like Proposition 4 in effect. States which have laws like Proposition 4 have experienced real reductions in pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases among young girls.

Other Abuse Stories

"A father in California came home unexpectedly early from work one day to find his 15-year-old daughter had tried to commit suicide by drug overdose... (More)

Secret Tapes

Click here to listen to the responses of over 90 California abortion centers to phone caller seeking underage abortion.


These tapes provide compelling evidence that California needs Sarah's Law. More)

WB33 News: clinics concealing statutory rape

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Who is endorsing Prop 4?
Here is just a partial list:

Ballot signers for YES on Prop 4:

THE HONORABLE BARBARA ALBY, Author of California’s “Megan’s Law” Child Protection Legislation

JOSEPH R. ZANGA, M.D., FAAP, Past President, American Academy of Pediatrics

THE HONORABLE TONY RACKAUCKAS, J.D., District Attorney, Orange County

MARY L. DAVENPORT, M.D., Fellow, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

THOMAS MURPHY GOODWIN, M.D., FAAP,FACOG,Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Pediatrics Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California

THE HONORABLE ROD PACHECO, J.D., District Attorney, Riverside County


Supporters of YES on Prop 4:

Los Angeles progressive Talk Radio Show Host - BILL HANDEL  –   Yes on Prop 4 - Listen to Podcast

AL RANTEL, of The Al Rantel Show, on KABC Radio-Los Angeles

LARRY ELDER, of The Larry Elder Show, on KABC Radio-Los Angeles

DR. EVELYN LI, President, Patients Advocate

FRANK LEE, President, Organization for Justice & Equality

JIM WILLIAMS, Chairman, Concerned Citizens of North California

REV. THOMAS MUI of Salvation Army, Chairman, San Francisco Chinese Churches Association

The Honorable Jim Silva, Assemblymember, 60th District

The Honorable Anthony Adams, Assemblymember, 60th District

The Honorable Joel Anderson, Assemblymember, 60th District

The Honorable Bob Huff, Assemblymember, 60th District

The Honorable George Plescia, Assemblymember, 60th District

The Honorable Sharon Runner, Assemblymember, 60th District

The Honorable Cameron Smyth, Assemblymember, 60th District

The Honorable Audra Strickland, Assemblymember, 60th District

The Honorable Mimi Walters, Assemblymember, 60th District

The Honorable Guy Houston, Assemblymember, 60th District

The Honorable Martin Garrick, Assemblymember, 60th District

The Honorable Kevin Jeffries, Assemblymember, 60th District

The Honorable Bill Maze, Assemblymember, 60th District

The Honorable Roger Niello, Assemblymember, 60th District

The Honorable Chuck DeVore, Assemblymember, 60th District

The Honorable Dennis Hollingsworth, State Senator, 36th District

The Honorable George Runner, State Senator, 36th District

The Honorable Tom McClintock, State Senator, 36th District

The Honorable Bob Dutton, State Senator, 36th District

The Honorable Sam Aanestad, State Senator, 36th District

The Honorable Dick Ackerman, State Senator, 36th District

The Honorable Bob Margett, State Senator, 36th District

The Honorable Bill Leonard, California Board of Equalization

The Honorable Duncan L. Hunter, Member of Congress, District 52

Dennis Downum, Sheriff, Calaveras County

Bob Brooks, Sheriff, Ventura County

Ed Prieto, Sheriff, Yolo County

James Mele, Sheriff, Tuolumne County

The Honorable Robert S. Holzapfel, District Attorney, Glenn County

The Honorable John R. Poyner, District Attorney, Colusa County

The Honorable Ron Calhoun, District Attorney, Kings County

The Honorable Edward R. Jagels, District Attorney, Kern County

The Honorable Gerald Benito, District Attorney, Shasta County

Dr. Kenneth Williams, Orange County School Board

Kenneth Dickson, Murrietta School Board

Michael Dunn, Conejo Valley Unified School District Trustee

Priscilla J. Schreiber, Grossmont Union High School District Board Trustee

Larry Urdahl, Grossmont Union High School District Board Trustee

Rose Urdahl, Candidate for San Diego County School Board

R. Rex Parris, Mayor, City of Lancaster

Connie Conway, Supervisor, Tulare County

John Roberts, Fontana City Council

Brian Jones, Santee City Council

Eric McBride, Hemet City Council

Mike Ten, Pasedena City Council

Wally Leimgruber, Supervisor, Imperial County

Bruce Thompson, former Assemblymember

Larry Bowler, former Assemblymember

Dick Mountjoy, former State Senator

The Arlington Group

Pacific Justice Institute

Family Research Council

Advocates for Faith and Freedom

Bioethics Defense Fund

Americans United for Life

San Diego Justice House of Prayer

Duncan D. Hunter, Candidate Congressional District 52

Barry Nestende, Candidate Assembly District 64

Phil Thalheimer, Candidate San Diego City Council

Gwendolyn S. Patrick, Candidate Assembly District 52

Randon Lane , Candidate  Murrietta City Council

Lawrence Weisner, Candidate Senate District 2

Jack Mobley, Candidate Assembly District 17

Shane Patrick Connolly, Candidate Senate District 13

Brian Gibson, Candidate Congressional District 36

Kim Tran, Candidate Assembly District 76

Jonathan "Chuck" Miller, Candidate Mayor, City of Oakland

Ruperto Hernandez Jr., State Employer-Disability Insurance SEIU Local 1000

Ben Giangiulio,Retired, Horizon Christian Volunteer

Vladimir Sirota, Owner Signs for All

Truong Quang Si, National Chairman, Vietnamese-American Republican Group Council

Michael Jackson, Government for the People

Gerald Burchell, Child Care Worker

Debbie Bradel, Public Health Nurse

Margie Morrison, ESL Teacher

Deborah Moriarty, Social Worker

Sue Shia, Occupational Therapist

Judy Green, Nurse

Travis Gonzales, Student

Thuy Tuy, Retired Pharmacist

Mao Huu Tuy, Retired Army Lt. Colonel

Dr. John E. Geis

Wesly Scherman,

Maria Hernandez, Student

Charles Quinn, Counselor

Julie Beyel, Social Worker

Henry Schneir, Physician

Cathy Schneir, Registered Nurse

Robin Lee, San Luis Obispo

Victor Tognazzini, Santa Barbara

Valerie Say

Arkan Somo, President of Somo Associates

Scott Hasson, President, Tierrsanta Community Council

Joyce Amick, President, East San Diego County Association of Realtors

James Moss, President, Freedom Station

Darry Prince, President & CEO, Prince Edge

Felipe Alvarez, Los Angeles

Daniel McNicoll, Los Angeles

Susan Palmer, Los Angeles

Sylvia Cabot, Los Angeles

Heather Choe, San Francisco

Arkady Milgram, Ventura County

Andrew Quinio, Orange County

Jacqueline Illera,

Stacy Harp, Active Christian Media

Raelynn  Zachery, Crossroads to Recovery

Erick Rubalacava, Junipero Serra High School

Lori Reynolds, Coastal Ridge Management

Earl & Judy DeVries, WVRA President

Gladys Miller, Los Angeles

Kirsten Anderson, Calaveras

Prudence Eiland, Kings

Dr. Jim Garlow, Sr. Pastor Skyline Wesleyan Church

Shawn Stone, Pastor Calvary Chapel Escondido

Phyllis Schlafly, President, Eagle Forum

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Oct 31st

Latinos, blacks could sway measures on gays, abortion
Los Angeles Daily News - Los Angeles, CA, USA
But California is expected to break voter registration records in an election that could either lead to the country's first African-American president or ...

Athletic supporters of propositions
San Diego Union Tribune - United States
San Diego Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers donated $10000 to the campaign to pass Proposition 4, the parental notification for abortion initiative. ...

More News

News Endorsements

Bil Handel  –  KFI AM 640 news/talk radio in Los Angeles
"Even though I’m a big pro-choice guy, this one is so reasonably done, and it really does say, ‘Hey, parents have a right to be notified, and, if there’s any fear of parents somehow punishing you, then we have ways of dealing with that, and here they are.’”
Listen to Podcast

EGP News Vote Yes on Prop 4
We don’t believe that a majority of parents wouldn’t be supportive of their daughter’s welfare if she is pregnant...

L.A. Daily News Proposition 4 is just good, common sense
Having an abortion is an incredibly important and difficult decision, one most teenage girls are not capable of making. Parents should not be excluded from the process. Below are four reasons to vote "Yes" on Proposition 4. ..

San Diego Union Tribune   Common sense, common ground...It should pass
Proposition 4 provides a better option: If a patient alleges a clear pattern of parental abuse, a physician may notify not her parents but any of several adult family members that she wants an abortion and alleges parental abuse...

Orange County Register Proposition 4 - Yes
Prop. 4 is not really an abortion measure. It is about parental rights...

Past Events
An Afternoon with Ben Stein
Fundraiser for Proposition 4 - Sarah's Law
Saturday, June 28
West Hollywood
Explanation of campaign strategy, remarks by Mr. Stein, live auction, preview of child predator YouTube video.

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